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Coventry High-Rises


Our client had to install a floor to floor spanning system for a decorative rainscreen façade, using Steni high pressure laminate panels. The challenge, for what usually would be a straight forward fixing application, was the fact that brackets had to be fixed into very poor quality 1950’s concrete with an extremely low compressive strength.

After extensive testing and liaising with Coventry City Council’s Structural Engineers, MKT VM-Polar was specified using an M10 A4 special length V-A Chemical stud. A deeper than standard embedment depth had to be used, due to a high performance design criteria and poor condition of substrate.

As this project was being installed over the winter months an express-cure resin (VM-Polar) was used which can be utilised down to a temperature of -20˚C. This meant there were no enforced installation delays due to low temperatures and brackets could be fully loaded more rapidly than is usual, therefore, the project could be completed within the allocated programme. 


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