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Bury Townside


We were asked to design a fixing/ bracket system to install aluminium window pods through a rainscreen façade.

The design brief was to create a ‘secret’ fixing point whilst considering shear loadings and bending moments; this coupled with the angular shape of the window pods ruled out the use of conventional angle brackets.

Fixings Plus devised, tested and manufactured a ‘cylindrical type’ system to suit all requirements. High tensile A4 M16 stainless steel threaded bar was fixed into the back of the window pods at the manufacturing stage. High tensile stainless steel tubing was welded to a back plate and bolted back to the SFS early in the build schedule at required fixing locations.

Upon completion of the the rainscreen system, ITW Spit Epcon C8 Epoxy Resin was injected into the pre-fixed tubes and the window pods were bonded into position.

The design offered an ideal solution for required loadings, aesthetics and for speed of installation, as it meant the window pods could be retrofitted with the rainscreen system in-situ. 


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