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Woodscrews, chipboard screws, “superscrews”, self-tappers, coach screws, drywall screws, self-drilling drywall screws, teks screws, countersunk, round head, hexagon head, pozi drive, Phillips, slotted, bzp, brass or stainless steel, the list is endless when it comes to screws and Fixings Plus can provide whatever you need to complete the job properly. 

We have large stocks of the day to day products and thanks to quality importers such as Evolution Fasteners, TIMCo, Senco and END we can obtain your more unusual requirements very quickly.


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1 Mill Street



B6 4BS

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MON - FRI 8.00 A.M. TO 5.00 P.M.

SAT 8.00 A.M. TO 12.00 NOON

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