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Dedicated to offering high-performance chemical systems and a comprehensive range of fixings, Fixings Plus stands as a premier stockist of leading European manufacturers, forging close partnerships with industry giants like Spit Fasteners.

Within our heavy-duty range, we provide essential solutions including undercut anchors, through fixings, sleeve anchors, and drop-in anchors, ensuring reliability and durability in even the most demanding applications. Our extensive selection of nylon frame fixings caters to a variety of needs, from critical performance requirements in cladding and rainscreen systems to general-purpose fixings where performance is less crucial.

Spit Fasteners, a leading manufacturer of direct fastening systems into concrete and steel, stands as a cornerstone of our offering. Recognised for its excellence in direct fixing, Spit Fasteners specialises in fastening and drilling systems for wood, steel, and concrete applications. With a rich history and widespread recognition across Europe, Spit Fasteners is the go-to choice for building professionals in various fields, from masonry to plumbing.

At Fixings Plus, we proudly stand alongside Spit Fasteners, offering unparalleled expertise and support for all your fastening needs in concrete and steel construction.


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MON - FRI 8.00 A.M. TO 5.00 P.M.

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